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Latest news:

Great to see the FunMusic for Little Kids resources being used at the Yass Valley Library (NSW Australia) in their music sessions…children and their parents/carers have been singing along to the Animals songs (Kangaroo has been a favourite) and moving and grooving to the Transport songs (the Monster Truck has also had a bit of a workout), and then participating in craft sessions organised by Helena and Connie.

A new website with many more resources to make early childhood music teaching easy will be up and running soon…



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Research-based Pedagogy

Integrity of production, quality recordings, accessible to everyone and solidly based in research. Read more... 



The Why, How and What of FunMusic for Little Kids:

Why is music education important?

Music is a huge part of our everyday world - wherever we live - and we want to keep it that way. How exciting that we now have a vibrant global community of music creators and music makers from every genre that we can tap into and enjoy.

But how do we keep the creativity flowing in music? How do we ensure that new music keeps coming in the future? Read more...


How can we develop musical creativity?

So how can we ensure that our children develop creativity in music?

Creativity experts tend to agree that you need to thoroughly learn the technical knowledge of a subject over a period of time before you can create the kinds of works (musical or other) that will ‘change the world’. Read more...


What can we use to develop our kids’ creativity?

There are many early childhood resources that can be used for music education with young children, but very few provide simple step-by-step  instruction in how to teach musical skills and concepts.

FunMusic for Little Kids’ teaching resources start at the very beginning, by providing teachers (or parents, carers, play group leaders) with the tools needed to teach music to young children. I have found that many early childhood educators would love to teach music but are unsure where to start or lack the confidence to try. Read more...


Let’s get started - one simple activity at a time...

There are two ways to start your children on a journey towards musical creativity:

*Purchase the FunMusic for Little Kids teachers’ books and accompanying CDs (Australia only – digital versions are coming): these provide a sequence of eight easy-to-use lessons which introduce age-appropriate musical skills and concepts. (Titles so far – Animals and Transport)

*Browse through the teaching ideas on this site (a selection of short music activities which teach specific concepts/skills) and download the matching FunMusic for Little Kids songs from CD Baby or iTunes.